"The Fantasia SF girls take a long hard look at the retro scene and take their lead from the likes of Zeppelin, Purple and Hendrix though wrap it up with female sheen and 21st century guile," says Glorydaze e-magazine.

Fantasia SF is created of four like-minded ladies with passion for music and an unstoppable artistic drive. They met when they were teenagers and have stayed together through it all with the dream of playing rock-n-roll. Since then, the band has held true to their vision of playing their own brand of original music, not falling into cover bands scenarios, and paving their own way playing the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Fantasia SF live leads you though a wide array of material both electric and acoustic. From the turbulent sound of “Something Better,” to the seductive “Black Cat Stroll,” Fantasia SF beckons you to journey and explore the musical possibilities with the smokey psychedelia of “Traveler’s Road”, the mythical story “Descends to the Underground”, and a heavy rendition of Black Sabbath’s N.I.B. Fantasia has played with bands such as Thin Lizzy and Korn, and has appeared on TV shows including San Francisco’s favorite Reality Check and Comcast On Demand Live.

At nine years old Barbara Genetin started taking acoustic guitar lessons from a fourteen year old girl down the street. After learning the basic chords and some strumming songs, she brought her teacher Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird and said I want to learn this. It was time to move on to another teacher and get an electric guitar! It took a couple years asking parents and promises of good behavior to get it. At twelve years old Barbara met future drummer, Heather Madden at junior high school and started hanging out, getting into trouble and listening to music after school. Heather had always been pounding on whatever she could get her hands on to use as drums. With the same love of music, distaste for the classroom and out of teen rebellion a bond was made. Listening to Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones at Heather's house, sister Kelly Madden, who was addicted to music from a young age, would turn them on to new music and tell of the local bands at parties, clubbing in San Francisco and how she tried starting a band with her friends and was singing and writing lyrics. With the desire to to start a band but with no drums for Heather and parents who hoped this was a passing phase, Kelly got a job and with the money from her first paycheck, walked to the music store and put some drums on lay away. After two months of checking out the kit after school the day came when was paid off. But how to get it home? Parents were still in denial and their car too small, so as precocious teenagers, just started loading the drums into a truck parked outside the music store. How could anyone say no after it was already loaded up? Luckily the plan worked and the man who came out to his truck was nice enough to give the three teenagers a ride home. Only later to realize being there a year earlier as a police officer on a noise complaint to break up Kelly's birthday party where she had local bands playing. From that day on as a band the Fantasia nucleus was exploring songwriting and getting chops together in the Madden's garage and to the neighbors dismay playing loud and proud until the police would bang on the garage door.

After high school the girls rented a house and stacked mattresses two deep around the living room so they could play late into the night. Rent was hard to make so they put an ad out to sublet rehearsal space for bands to play by the hour which helped pay the rent and made friends with other local bands but eventually got out of control. Good thing the landlord only came by once a year! Still without a steady bass player until a guy Heather was dating told her of his ex-girlfriend that was a looking for a band.

At that point Fantasia started to gig with their original songs and play the happening San Francisco club scene. But as Spinal Tap with drummers, they had revolving bass players for several years until one day a local producer was putting together a "girl band" and scouted Barbara for the guitarist position. With no interest in joining this band, but in need of a bass player she decided to go to this contrived rehearsal to steal the bassist for Fantasia. A report from Barbara came back to Heather and Kelly of how the session went and how the bass player wasn't a good fit, but there was a cool drummer girl who also was rolling her eyes at the "hit" song the producer had secured for the bands first tune. At the next rehearsal, a stroke of luck occurred when the bassist flaked and multi-talented teenaged drummer Elan Jayme filled in on bass while the producer played drums. Both knowing this band wasn't going to last, but that a connection was forming, Barbara gave Elan a ride home, told her Fantasia was looking for a bass player and asked if she was interested. Elan, who was playing drums in a thrash metal band Pornicopia at the time and guitar in a funk band that never took off, went to a rehearsal, killed it and everyone thought it was a good fit. Then they had to work on getting Elan a fake ID to get into the gigs.

Since then, the band has held true to their vision of playing original music and is currently gigging Northern California. You can check them out live or online by searching Fantasia SF.

Fantasia’s recording “ROCKS” can be purchased on www.itunes.com or http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fantasia.

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